• Louise Allerton

What is Universal Energy?

Universal Energy is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot – especially in holistic circles, but it can often be a vague, catch-all term that isn’t really understood. Part of the reason for this is that there are so many different belief systems and conceptualisations of what it actually means. In traditional Chinese culture Qi or Ch’i, or in Hindu it is called Prana, is the vital force that is driving life, it exists in everything. In other belief systems it can be thought of as ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. Fundamentally, Universal Energy is the frequency of all life – if you think of atoms and the movement of electrons around a nucleus, and the space between the particles that make up an atom, this space and that movement is fuelled by and filled with energy, an electrical current that makes them function.

Now, if you think of the way that atoms interact within a single physical form, they have a cohesive and bound system that keeps them in their physical configuration, but there is energy transfer that occurs between the atoms, between the cells and that energy transfer can also bleed out of confines of that physical structure and move into another space or physical form – kind of like breath. This is how you end up with energy transference, sensing energies, intuition and, if we’re tuned in to sensing certain frequencies, are able to utilise that energy.

Animals are well versed in using and tuning in to universal energy, they migrate in flocks, they respond to emotions, and can communicate on a level most humans have no access to. Our conscious mind has an amazing ability to accept and reject realities. Having been taught to distance ourselves from universal energy being able to tune back into that frequency can be challenging.

Universal Energy, in the sense that it is a frequency, an energetic carrier, means that is also able to store and transfer data, similar to sound or light. When someone is tuned into this frequency they are able to sense it, and with their own energy via conscious and subconscious thoughts (which are in turn energy created by our bodies), are able to direct it and use it to create more harmonious frequencies in the bodies and radiant energy (or soul, or Chi, or spirit, or Prana) of other physical and non-physical forms. This is how Kinesiology and Reiki work. Practitioners, who have attuned to the universal frequencies are able to read and sense energy and energy flows, so they can sense negative energy patterns or blockages in your spiritual form that surrounds and incorporates your body. Then using their own energy are able to direct universal energy or change the frequency that your body is experience to create space for healing, positive energy flows, and shifts in mindset.

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