Kinesiology is an amazingly powerful non-invasive complementary modality founded using ancient Eastern medicine combined with modern Western principles. 

Imagine a therapy so remarkable that aspects of your being that are out of balance could be accessed and discovered and life-changing healing could occur. It may sound impossible but with Kinesiology, it is more than a whimsical dream it is a fact.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find information about a person on all levels spiritual, emotional, mental and physical in order to transform those modes that self-sabotage the person in various ways making living a healthy, happy life a challenge.

During a session

I work with clients 16 years and over. 

Sessions are 1.5 hours long.

Sessions are performed fully clothed. The session commences with counselling as we explore your situation. You will then lie on the massage table as the therapy takes place. 

The duration of a kinesiology session with me is between an hour and a half and an hour and 45 mins. Notes are taken by me while we talk about your challenges with physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual issues. After the discussion, I then use muscle testing to access the body's innate wisdom. Everything from nutritional needs to early childhood information can be garnered. Stress and imbalances are then corrected and released as the persons entire being is brought into balance.

Many of the corrections used are based on the ancient body systems found in Chinese medicine including meridians and acupressure points. Corrections using rubbing of these points or tapping are common but can also include energy healing processes that work on the chakras and aura.


One session may be all that is required for amazing results. However, as every person and situation is different, a number of session may be needed to achieve the desired results. People are often so pleased to have discovered kinesiology so they have this tool for their life journey. 

Once a person has experienced kinesiology, they open to a whole world of possibilities. They become aware that Western medicine is truly not the only way of healing that can ease the body into wellness and wholeness.