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"I first visited Louise after the birth of my son when I was at a crossroads about returning to work after my maternity leave. I left with a much clearer sense of purpose and felt confident making the right decision for me. Since that first visit I have come to explore more fully the old patterns that were restricting me from really living my life. I have revisited Louise on numerous occasions, working to unlock my deeply ingrained anxieties and breaking old habits. I can quite happily say that now I am living and enjoying life more than I ever have in the past, and have been able to relax and immerse myself in all the little everyday moments with my toddler.


So much of this change has been to do with Louise shifting the negative energy and thought processes that I had become addicted to. I may still not understand fully what kinesiology is, but each time I have sought Louise's help I have come away feeling lighter, more at peace and closer to knowing who I really am (without the weight of other people's expectations).

I truly recommend Louise's services to anyone feeling 'stuck' or unhappy or who just has an inkling that they are not truly livingit took my sessions with Louise to come to that realisation and I have never looked back."

- Angela, Newcastle

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"I cannot thank Louise enough for her wonderful treatment and support. She has not only assisted me in getting over the shock of my husband's sudden death, but through her treatment has provided me with the strength, confidence and protection to start processing my grief and by clearing blockages has assisted me in commencing my journey to discover my life's passion Dance - Which had been deeply hidden."

- MM, Sydney

"Louise has been recommended by a friend of mine, as I have been suffering from low self-esteem and eating disorder for many years, and decided to take the opportunity of being in Sydney over summer, to get back into shape and improve my self-esteem. I decided to tackle the issue not only from a fitness point of view, but also with Kinesiology, to help me heal on other levels than physically, especially emotionally, and not rely solemnly on the benefits of physical improvement. The effect did not come immediately, but over the few days following the session, I surprised myself not repeating patterns I have known for years. My relationship with food has improved and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe Kinesiology is helping me dealing with emotional issues I had, and I will certainly continue seeing Louise in my route to full recovery from these lifetime illnesses."

- S., London, UK

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"It's amazing how one person has had such a HUGE impact on my life in so many ways - that person being Louise.As a person Louise is wonderful, considerate, engaging, practical and humorous - and combining these characteristics with her skills as a kinesiologist, she is just a legend!The transformations that I achieved with Louise in just a single session were nothing short of remarkable - with a dual effect whereby my friends certainly couldnt miss the physical changes in my energy levels, as well as my own internal ones.Which is why I go back for a top-up and a recharge, and why I would always recommend Louise to my friends, who might be having trouble finding their way through, or are just needing a little nudge along their path. I am truly grateful to the universe for helping me find Louise."

- Susan, Darlinghurst

"The first time I walked into a consultation with Louise I knew I was in for something special. Louise is very professional and down to earth but has eyes that are both twinkling with the adventure of life and knowing from her wisdom. I dont quite understand kinesiology but the 7 sessions Ive had with Louise over 2 years have greatly helped me. Initially I was planning a pregnancy and Louise helped clean some blockages within me, and once pregnant, Louise was one of the special people who guided me along the way. Now I have 3 beautiful triplet boys, and I feel that my work with Louise helped smooth my pregnancy and help the little ones to grow safely within a very well prepared and healthy womb. She also helped me come to terms with the loss of my Mother and uncle, and has helped heal some hurts of someone else I love very much. I commend Louise and her skills to you and Ill certainly be working with her again from time to time as I and my little ones go through life."

- LM, Cremorne

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"I met Louise in early 2008. My first visit with Louise was amazing to say the least! I now see Louise every couple of months for a pick me up. I always feel so light, cleansed and inspired after each visit. Louise has a gift that I have not experienced before and I strongly recommend Kinesiology! Louise you are a breath of fresh air in my life and I thank you for seeing me through some difficult times and giving me hope for the future."

- Suzanna - Seaforth

"I was first introduced to Louise Allerton and Kinesiology at Golden Door Elysia a year ago. Since that first meeting the changes in my life have been truly amazing and I now look at life with a clarity I once would have only dreamed of. Kinesiology has certainly made a difference in my life in many ways and I look forward to my sessions with Louise."

- Ann, Castle Hill

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"My session with Louise was extremely valuable for me at a difficult time of change in my life. I was having some difficulty realizing my direction in life and was experiencing feelings of confusion and self doubt. In the session I started to realize some of the causes of my difficulty. I continued to receive more clarity after the session and noticed that life seemed to look different and was becoming much more positive.I really recommend Louises with the possibilities of real change."

- Patricia, Newcastle

"I have known Louise Allerton of "Radiant Heart Healing" for over a year now.We first met at a luxury resort in the Hunter Valley where she was employed as a therapist in Kinesiology. I was FORTUNATE enough to have first hand experience when I was given a 80 minute session with her. From that moment I knew how important it was for my Mind, Body and Spirit to continue on this new journey with Louise. She has become a vital part of my "LIVING". Her gentle spirit is reflected in her radiant smile.The work she has done with me has been so beneficial that I have recommended family and friends to her. They too now enjoy the benefits of her abilities. Many of her insights have been "SPOT-ON".She is truly a blessing to us, her "guidance" in many issues has been invaluable."

- Carolyn, Brunkerville

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"I have been seeing Louise since September 2007 ( about 16 months ). During this time I have been through a huge amount of change which has had a lot of stress associated.*menopause*losing a job at the end of 2007 and not picking up work until March 2008.*middle child doing year 12 (2008) with youngest now doing year 12 (2009).* marriage not going well.*Husband looing job at Easter.*receiving an anonymous letter about husband having an affair.*Husband leaving the marriage, early December moving out and still no job.It has been an extremely emotional and turbulent time. Seeing Louise has been so helpful, that it is difficult to put into words. I have not taken any medications during this incredibly challenging time and believe that the energy clearing which takes place during the treatments has been the reason.I always leave the sessions feeling different and able to move through and deal with what is on hand.Having treatments with Louise is one of the best things I do."

- BD Cremorne

"I was so happy to be directed to Louise by my chiropractor. (You know how things happen like as if they were meant to happen ! ) Louise goes BEYOND what you would expect to receive, and continues that giving spirit well after your consultation - like sending uplifting and inspiring emails for example. Louise has uncovered some amazing things in my life, that were only holding me back. I recommend you experience Louise's wonderful being."

- Gordon, Waratah

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"I visited Golden Door Elysia in October 2008. The experience was amazing, but what topped it off was my single kinesiology session with Louise. I went into the session wanting it to work, ready for a change in my life, but perhaps still feeling a little cynical even tried tricking the muscle testing, but it just didn't work. When I left the session I felt different. I felt like a whole new person and that feeling hasn't gone away! Among other things, I've let go of things I needed to, I've healed over past relationships, I've settled in a new town and I now sleep at night. I've made some really positive changes in my life and whenever I start to feel like I'm not coping I read the affirmations Louise gave me and I move on in a more positive direction. I can't thank Louise and the Golden Door team enough. The experience was life-changing. It really was!"

- Alisha, NZ

"Louise has a great style. I felt very comfortable and was able to go deep into my process. And the feeling afterwards? Light and free! The session brought about greater awareness and I feel I can get on with things with clarity and strength. Louise has a nurturing touch and a sensitive and loving approach."

- Jessica, Newcastle

"I met Louise by chance at a Hunter Valley Health Retreat about 9 months ago. Since then I have continued my treatments with Louise under her practice Radiant Heart Healing, and am amazed at what is unfolding for me. What I love about kinesiology is that it is an opportunity to work on areas of your life in a positive way. Louise has a very special gift. I find her easy to speak with, very intuitive and full of wisdom. Louise's treatments are helping me - help myself, and I am full of gratitude and looking forward to the future."

- Karen F, Burren Junction

"I am sincerely grateful for the time, patience and caring Louise has bestowed upon me. It has been Louise's guidance, grace and good humour, which has helped me heal deep wounds of grief and opened the way for a life of joy and abundance. It is an inspiration to be in Louise's company and if you are prepared to open your mind and heart, she is a wonderful guide. The rest is up to you."

- Megan, Sydney

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"I was very pessimistic to begin with and after my wife continued to insist I visit Louise I decided to do it. I found it to have quite a profound effect and was impressed by the results it delivered. If you are in need of some positive change to your life then you need to get into see Louise."

- Scott, Sydney

"Louise was recommended to me by a client of mine, suggesting a kinesiologist could assist a dear friend of mine who was recently widowed. I decided to give it a go before recommending her to my friend. When I met Louise I really did not know what to expect as this was a new experience for me. Not long into the session, I felt very comfortable with Louise and was able to tell her things that I had not thought were even issues in my life.It was an amazing experience and I came away from the session feeling really good about myself and hence recommended her to my friend. My friend was grieving and after the session with Louise I could see the positive changes in her, she was now coping better with her grief and started to get on with life.I have also recommended Louise to my husband, sister and niece. I am now an avid client of Louise and strongly recommend her to anyone who needs help as she has helped me in ways that I did not think possible.:"


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"My experience of Louise is that she is patient and compassionate. Louise explains the whole process as it is happening so I was never scared or unsure. Since the treatment, I have felt emotionally lighter and my depression has lifted so my thinking is clearer. I am looking forward to having another treatment soon."

- Janis D Pyrmont